The Kids Charities proudly supports local charities that direct all of their funds and hard work towards assisting disadvantaged kids of our community.

Kid’s Charities operates under a simple credo “It should never hurt to be a kid.”  Throughout the community there are dozens of organizations that provide direct support to the kids in need.  We take pride in supporting the efforts of these children’s charitable organizations who work tirelessly on a daily basis serving the needs of these families.  

As the event has grown, so have the donations, with $3,000 collected the first year to a record collection of $336,000 collected in 2008. Since year 2000, the Kids Charities has raised nearly 5 million dollars, of that 4.8 million has been generated by Thunder on the Lot proceeds.  These funds go directly to supporting the “Kids Charities of the Antelope Valley.”

The success of Thunder is attributed to the collective efforts of many; Kid’s Charities staff, AV Harley-Davidson Employees, numerous local businesses, hundreds of volunteers and a supportive community that truly makes Thunder what it is. It’s a genuine grassroots event that is fully organized and operated with enthusiastic volunteers.  

Untiring commitment, dedication, money and support are the ingredients contributed by all of the committee members and volunteers. “If it weren’t for them Thunder simply wouldn’t exist,” says Ron Emard, founder of Thunder on the Lot.

Our supporters know that by supporting Kid’s Charities they are providing critical support to 30 different local charities and improving the lives of thousands of children they will never meet.  The end result ensuring happy, healthy, hearty kids positively contributing to the future success of their lives and their communities.


Each year Thunder on the Lot proudly focuses on assisting hundreds if not thousands of kids in the Antelope Valley. After 20 years of contributions from the community, businesses and private citizens over 4.8 million dollars has been raised to help these special children.

  • Antelope Valley Christian School School Scholarships
  • Antelope Valley College Foundation
  • Antelope Valley Community Clinic
  • Antelope Valley Guild of Children's Hospital
  • Antelope Valley Partners for Health
  • Antelope Valley Saddle-Up Therapeutic Riding
  • Antelope Valley Saving Grace
  • Bethel Christian School
  • Boys & Girls Club of Antelope Valley
  • Care Net 
  • Child and Family Guidance Center
  • Desert Christian School Scholarships
  • Desert Vineyard School Scholarships
  • Grace Resource Center
  • Heritage Oak School Scholarships
  • High Fives for Stacey
  • Jacob Hefter Foundation
  • Lancaster Kiwanis Youth Scholarship
  • Neighborhood Impact Homes
  • Noah's Ark Preschool
  • Palmdale Lions Eyecare Program
  • Paraclete High School
  • Quartz Hill AYSO VIP Teams
  • Royal Family Kids Camp
  • Salvation Army Music Program
  • Sonshine Factory School
  • Sounder Foundation 
  • The Painted Turtle Camp
  • United Community Action Network (UCAN)
  • Valley Oasis Shelter

The Kids Charities Mission Statement:

We will strive each year to make a positive difference in the lives of kids who need it most. The disadvantages, the hardship and the challenge these kids face motivates us constantly to focus on fulfilling their needs. We will accomplish our goals through special events and public awareness campaigns. We take pride in knowing we have already made a difference and welcome the challenge to beat our future goals. The Kids Charities will continue its mission to serve the innocent children of our community.

Kid’s Charities
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