Drifting is a driving style in which the driver uses throttle, brakes, clutch, gear shifting and steering input to keep the car in a condition of over-steer while maneuvering from turn to turn. Drifters emphasize car control by coordinating the amount of counter steer (or opposite lock) with the simultaneous modulation of the throttle and brakes to shift the weight balance of the car back and forth through the turns. Furthermore, they strive to achieve this while adhering to the standard racing lines and maintaining extreme slip angles.  The criteria by which drifting is judged are 1.)Speed: Both entry speed and speed maintained during drift 2.) Line: Adherence to the standard racing line using clipping points as targets. 3.) Angle: the amount of counter-steer and position of the car during drift. 4.) Impact:  Bonus points are given to extra smoke, almost crashing but saving it without losing composure, and overall impact of the vehicle itself

Thunder on the Lot welcomes back the insane sideways event of Drifting! Drifting will be back at Thunder on The Lot bigger and better welcoming the West Coast's best Pro and Pro/Am level drivers for some door to door drifting excitement.  Drifting is the most exciting form of motorsport and at Thunder on the Lot will be no exception.  Expect some really close tandem driving.  This new addition to Thunder on the Lot is definitely not one to miss!

Drift events take place on Saturday & Sunday. Racing schedules coming soon!

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